Projectvisit 2019 to the San Roque Elementary School at the Phillipines

Evaluation of the San Roque Elementary School on Leyte Island

In April 2019, two project managers from Child & Family Foundation and Greenfinity Foundation visited our Philippines school project. The visit aimed to evaluate the Health & Nutrition Program, Hygiene Program, Greenfinity Foundation activities, ongoing maintenance work and school garden, as well as implement improvement options together with other project partners.

Health & Nutrition Program

The program, introduced at the end of 2013, enables 115 students from impoverished backgrounds to receive one warm meal per day. During the project visit, the program and its results were evaluated and recorded. It is extremely grateful to see the program taken up so well by kids, parents and teachers, to witness the kids' above-average development in our project. It was especially rewarding to motivate parents in assisting meal preparation, enabling sustainable success of the program.


Health & Nutrition Programm der Child & Family Foundation
Health & Nutrition Programm der Child & Family Foundation

A school looking for peers

Maintenance work is rarely financed by the Philippine government. Thanks to the involvement of both organisations, we can proudly report that the school, finished in 2012, still looks like new and the ongoing infrastructure upkeep runs smoothly.


Hygiene Program and medical check-ups

San Roque Elementary School is an innovator in the medical areas of prevention, awareness and continuous training. In the past few years, success of introduced preventive measures, especially in oral / dental hygiene, is reflected in considerably lower kids' absences due to illness.


In general, the project managers saw that work begun in 2012 by both organisations has been successful, providing extraordinary long-term benefits for kids, teachers and entire communities.