Angel for a Day

July 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Vibrant „Angel for a Day“- Campaign in Fort Lauderdale

Angel for a Day Fort Lauderdale - Juli 2017

The Angel for a Day event was organised by Gabriella Lavarello and her Team from myWorld America, Inc. in cooperation with the Jack & Jill Children’s Center.

The beneficiaries were 28 kids from the Jack & Jill Children’s Center. 90% of the children and families that the Center help live within 175% of the federal Poverty Level. It’s their mission to break the cycle of poverty for children of disadvantaged working families through high quality early childhood education and family strengthening programmes.This event was intended to let the sun shine for these kids who often find themselves in the shade.


Fun in the sun

Volunteers and teachers, who were really excited about the event, made a great effort to make this day memorable. The theme for the event was “Fun in the Sun!” In order to set the mood, each child and volunteer received an “Aloha Hawaiian Lei” as they arrived and were equipped with an “Angel for a Day t-shirt” to identify them as a part of the team. What would put a smile on every child’s face? A face painting station? Bubbles? Sports? All these fun things were part of the day. There was even a personal DJ, compliments of the staff.

Angel for a Day - Fun day - Child & Family Foundation
Angel for a Day - Fun day - Child & Family Foundation
Angel for a Day - Fun day - Child & Family Foundation

Pizza time

Lunchtime should be special and what do kids like most? Pizza, of course! Around 11:30am, they gathered all the children indoors and treated them to extra cheesy pizza and apple juice; for dessert, they had fresh cupcakes from a local vendor!

A big surprise and a school bag full of gifts

After lunch, more outdoor-games awaited the children. And then it was time for the big surprise: Lyco showed up on a motorbike! Everyone at the event loved Lyco’s big entrance! Lyco gave each child a gift: a school bag filled with a hat, a watch, paint, a mini puzzle, a bracelet, sunglasses, a Lyco teddy and a Lyco keyring. The children had a great time with Lyco, and took group pictures with him using fun props.

A “thank you” from the children

The Director of the Center was so impressed by the team’s dedication and organisation of the event that they came to our office the following week, together with some of the children, with a “Thank You” gift! Several of the children gave the team handwritten notes saying they were grateful to our volunteers for making their day super special! Others received notes saying “Thank you for the pizza” and “Love you.”

Gabriela Lavarello, Communications & Marketing Manager at myWorld America, Inc. a and organiser of the event said: “The event was a true success! We came together as a community and allowed these children to feel extra special for one day!”

Angel for a Day - Child & Family Foundation - Kid in Fort Laudadale
Angel for a Day - Child & Family Foundation - Kids playing

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

The children from Jack and Jill Children’s Center live within 90-200% of the federal poverty level, so an Angel for a Day event will benefit any child from this organisation.

Projekt Location

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Project period
7. Juli 2017
Convenantee group

28 kids aged 5-7 who are affected by extreme poverty from the Jack and Jill Children’s Center.