Equal Opportunities

September 2023

Together for more equal opportunities!

Gerhard Formann Personalvermittlung and Child & Family Foundation - together for more equal opportunities

Around 18.4% of Austria's population lives with a disability, accounting for 1.3 million people. This high number generally comes as a surprise - yet it should be noted that disabilities do not represent a restriction at all in a very wide range of occupations. Even in the case of disabilities that require more adaptations and aids in everyday life, there are good solutions nowadays - and thus many new opportunities to integrate people into the labor market and provide companies with qualified workers.

Together with Gerhard Formann, who together with his team runs a recruitment agency, we are committed to ensuring that people with a wide range of physical and mental conditions are given the opportunities they deserve on the Austrian labor market. Although a lot has been done in the field of inclusion in recent years, particularly in the labor market there are often still prejudices that are usually not confirmed in reality. Depending on the type and degree of impairment and also the activity, there is often little or no difference in the performance of people who are officially classified as "disabled" and people without this categorization. On the contrary, companies often experience that they get special talents and highly motivated, ready-to-work new colleagues on board when they broaden their field of vision and also give people a chance who do not fall into the norm.


Our goal is to break down the reluctance of businesses to employ people who are different from the masses and to dispel the fears that exist in companies about employing people with disabilities, which are often based on hearsay, through well-founded information. This creates synergies that would otherwise go unused and creates win-win situations for companies and employees.


Through our joint cooperation project, we are working to bring people and companies together and to raise awareness. Your support helps us prepare people and companies for new work realities and run information campaigns.

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