Angel for a Day

April 2016
Brisbane, Australia

Therapeutic toys for children with hearing and speech impediments

Angel for a Day for children with hearing and speech impediments in Australia

A very special "Angel for a Day" campaign for children with hearing and speech impediments took place in Australia this May and it's not the first of its kind. For this reason, we got in touch with "Hear and Say", an Australian organisation that supports more than 2,500 afflicted children and their families in various areas.

Together with two therapeutic groups from the Little Explorers Auditory-Verbal Program (LEAP) in Brisbane and Toowoomba, this project came to fruition.

In coordination with the therapists and the children, therapeutic toys, books and learning materials were to be acquired according to specific topics such as "dinosaurs", "beach" or "farm", which were then to be sorted into the respective boxes.

In future, these materials would be loaned to the families for a certain period of time, so that as many children as possible could benefit from these toys which are specially matched to their needs, thereby also allowing the parents to use these resources together with their children and within their own home.

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The therapists and children's wish list was long but all the greater was therefore the motivation to fulfil as many wishes as possible. Numerous Members, Loyalty Merchants and voluntary helpers undertook everything in their power to acquire all the necessary means for this project.

Together, purchases were made, negotiations between Loyalty Merchants were struck and in the end the results speak for themselves: Thanks to the incredible support from our Community every single wish was fulfilled. The children were overwhelmed when the presents were handed out on the 3rd of May in Brisbane and the 31st of May in Toowoomba.

We wish the children lots of fun with their new toys and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported this campaign.

A very special thank you goes to the following people:

Project committee:
Jan McCloskey, Dallas Watkins, Susan Smedley, Noela Lopatich, Brian and Val Wellspring, Andrea Sun, Lynda Langusch, Carolyn Phillips

Doug and Jenny Loveday, Steve Copping, Noela Lopatich, Lynda Langusch, Joan Graham, Margaret Buckingham, Tania Grech, Anthony Severn, Jeanette Rachinger, Patricja Slawinska, Jan McCloskey, Carolyn Phillips

SME sponsors:
Meadowbrook IGA, Artisan House Coffee, Easy Shopping Cards, Foodworks Oxley, Travel Dreams, Special Needs Toys Australia

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At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

The aim of this project was to acquire therapeutic toys, books and learning materials for the children of the Little Explorers Auditory-Verbal Program (LEAP) in Brisbane and Toowoomba. These toys should offer the children therapeutic support and help the families through a specially developed loan system.

Projekt Location

Brisbane/Toowoomba, Australia

Project period
April-May 2016 // Event dates: 3rd and 31st May 2016
Convenantee group

Children with hearing and speech impediments who are supported by the "Hear and Say" organisation.