Angel for a Day

June 2016
Ladimirevci, Kroatien

New beds for the children at the children's village in Ladimirevci

Angel for a Day in Croatia – June 2016

The children's village in Ladimirevci was established many years ago and currently looks after around 80 children, who are lovingly cared for in 16 children's village families. The institution offers children a real home and allows them a child-fair development within a family environment.

When the Child & Family Foundation and myWorld Croatia Community learnt that the children's village urgently needed 47 new beds, slatted frames and mattresses, as the old ones had been in use for over 20 years, they immediately decided to join forces and offer help. At the Lyconet Elite Seminar with Eric Worre, a call for donations was therefore made and many were ready and willing to help this and two other projects of the Child & Family Foundation with extremely generous contributions.

Children's village in Ladimirevci, Croatia
Children's village in Ladimirevci, Croatia

Together with those in charge of the children's home, the exact requirements for the beds were defined, offers from Loyalty Merchants were obtained, a date was fixed and with the help of numerous volunteers from the myWorld Community in Croatia the beds were finally assembled and put together.

On the 10th of June the stage was set: Over 30 voluntary helpers as well as several myWorld Croatia employees and the Child & Family Foundation came together to fulfil their promise. With the children's help the beds were put up in record time. Furthermore, a barbecue was organised for all participants who were able to relax and enjoy the day after all the hard work was completed. This opportunity was used to gift the children with presents, such as three much needed School Starter Kits as well as four footballs.

New beds for children's village in Croatia
Barbecue at children's village in Croatia
Gifts for the children in a Croatian children's village

The director of the children's village brought the evening to a close with the following words "This was an extraordinary day on which much was accomplished. Together we were able to create something amazing and also have fun while doing it. I wish everyone who has participated in this project all the best and would like to thank them on behalf of the children for their brilliant help."


Loyalty Merchants: Palković, Dom Lignum, Kuhinje Viktor


Lyconet Marketer: Mario Vukorep, Branko Šmit, Slađan Stanušić, Davor Fuis, Damir Galić, Danijela Galić, Robert Begović, Lujza Kravoščanec, Milivoj Nikić, Ivica Jušić, Armando Milković, Robert Rigo, Antonijo Jelić, Hrvoje Katruša, Silvija Rigo


myWorld Kroatien: Vedran Ognjenović, Barbara Jurčević, Nikolina Hodak, Gordana Mitar Stapić, Adrino Stapić, Ana Berišić

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

The aim of this project was to organize 47 new beds and 50 mattresses for the children of the children's village in Ladimirevci, in order to grant them hygienic and appropriate sleeping conditions and to help promote and improve their physical development. Furthermore, three children were presented with a new School Starter Kit to help them with the start of the next school year. Four children, who wanted nothing more than a ball, were gifted with brand new footballs.

Projekt Location

Ladimirevci, Kroatien

Project period
May-June 2016