Angel for a Day

June 2017
Riga, Latvia

Learning through play, Latvia

Angel for a Day Latvia - July 2017


On 26th July 2017 myWorld Latvia and the "Child & Family Foundation" implemented the fifth "Angel for a Day" charity project in Latvia. In cooperation with the consultative child day care centre "Torņkalns", and thanks to the very active Lyconet Marketers and the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants’ support, we were able to spoil 19 children who cannot afford such activities in everyday life. As well as being entertaining, it also enabled the children to learn several new skills.


On the itinerary for the day were numerous fun activities which would also enhance the childrens’ skills. The first stop of the day was a visit to the company "" to give the children an insight into the architect profession. As the LLC "Bernu Oazes" Advisory Day Centre "Tornakalns" aims to support their proteges to develop their interests and personalities, the children learned that being an architect means having the skills to draw, do maths and be creative, as well as having a good imagination. Architects also need to be dextrous to enable them to create models of their designs so their customers can see what the real thing will look like. After a short lesson on model-making, they switched to the practical part; teaching the children to make model houses. As the architecture business is often based on competition - the smartest and fastest wins the contract - the children were evaluated using the same criteria, with car models as the prize.

In the afternoon, the kids were encouraged to improve their sports skills. At the “Bowlero” they were able to test their accuracy and ability to focus. The kids were divided into 4 teams and then the competition was on! Emotions ran high whilst competing in the exciting game.

Bowling for disadvantaged kids
Making a fun day possible - Child & Family Foundation
Child & Family Bowling in Latvia

Then it was time to chill out for a while. The fun-packed day continued at the “Semarah Hotel Lielupe” in Jurmala, which is outside the capital Riga. The kids come from poor families and don’t usually get the opportunity to enjoy “luxury” leisure activities, so they really loved their time in the spa area with swimming pools, jacuzzi and saunas. The kids had great fun and had the chance to cool down, relax or play, as they wished. They had so much fun in the water that they didn’t want to get out, but this soon changed when they found out what was coming next: An original “Red Bus” pizza and refreshments delivered to the Hotel! This gave them the energy they needed for the rest of the day’s activities.

Angel for a Day Lettland - Swimming for disadvantaged kids
Angel for a Day Lettland - Swimming for disadvantaged kids
Angel for a Day Lettland - Meal for disadvantaged Kids - Child & Family Foundation

After lunch, another sports activity awaited the kids. This time team work was required. Trainer Kristaps from "Basketbola klase" taught them the basics of basketball and time flew as the kids played several games and had competitions.

Angel for a Day Lettland - Basketball

efore getting back on the bus all the children received gifts to prolong the joy of the day. Tired and happy they were delivered back to the "Torņkalns" day centre.Thanks to everyone who supported and participated in the "Angel for a Day" project, we were able to provide an exciting day, full of adventure and surprises, that will stay in the kids’ memories for a long time.

Special thanks to Elīna Tropa for organising the day with the help of Vilija Zapalskiene, and to Jānis Vanags for finding wonderful sponsors who made this day possible: ""/ Collezione SIA , "Bowlero"/ TC Rīga SIA, "Semarah Hotel Lielupe" and Semarah Hotel Management, "Red Bus"/ SIA Red Bus as well as "Basketbola klase"/ IK Treneris Kristaps. And a huge thanks to Jānis Šmits, Atis Latvietis and Edgars Podiņš for providing support during the activities.

Groupimage Angel for a Day Latvia
Angel for a Day Latvia
Gruppenbild Angel for a Day Latvia

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

The aim of this Angel for a Day project was to make it possible for children from at-risk families to be able to join in fun activities that also enable them to learn new skills which could be useful to them in the future.

Projekt Location

Riga, Latvia

Project period
Convenantee group

19 kids aged between 5 and 18 from the LLC "Bernu Oazes" Advisory Day Centre "Tornakalns" – an institution that supports children from very poor families and children who are not taken care of properly. As well as trying to help the families to solve their social problems, the Centre also encourages the kids to put their free time to good use to develop their interests and personalities. The Centre also cares for children with disabilities.