Angel for a Day

October 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cosy cuddles and a colourful afternoon for the chidren in care

The colourful summer party organised as part of Angel for a Day - Fort Lauderdale (2018) helped disabled children, living in a care home, to forget the worries of the everyday.

'Having a Fun Day' was the project title of this year's 'Angel for a Day' campaign. Socially-disadvantaged children had the opportunity to concentrate purely on fun and games for an afternoon, and to forget their impoverished circumstances for a short time.

This project was all about helping children from families in need to spend time in a pleasant, care-free environment. The myWorld America Inc. Community organised the 'Angel for a Day' campaign, together with the Jack & Jill Children's Centre, which specialises in family support programmes, as well as offering support to provide children with the best upbringing during early childhood. Hopefully this will break the vicious poverty cycle and help the children towards a better future. The aim of the campaign was to provide the 35 children in care with a welcome distraction from the difficulties of their everyday lives and let them enjoy a fun-filled day.


Let's get started!

To get the fun started, 'Angel for a Day' T-Shirts were handed out to all the children, which they accepted with great delight and wore with pride for the duration of the day. As well as 25 eager volunteers helping out on the day, all the teachers also attended and participated with great enthusiasm.


A good lunch to build more energy

After a heartwarming welcome and introductory talk, pizza was the next item on the agenda - every child's favourite food. Following delicious cheesy pizza and an apple juice, lunch was rounded off with "Gugelhupf" cake. The children and adults alike were clearly comfortable and happy in the classrooms as they enjoyed their lunch and had fun together.


Outdoors is even more fun

Full and satisfied, everyone made their way outside, where there was even more for the children to discover in the Jack & Jill Children's Centre playground. Entertainment of every kind was on offer, and the children were able to run riot and enjoy all the various activities, which included children's face painting, bubble blowing, various sports games, music and dance and a photo booth with funny masks and a choice of different photo frames to choose from. In addition, there were also fresh muffins, which were donated especially for the campaign.


Gifts and a farewell

Just before 4pm, a huge surprise awaited the children - a visit from our mascot, Lyco! Everyone was delighted to see him! But the surprises didn't stop there; Lyco then presented every child with a large party bag of gifts. Inside they found a school rucksack, a CFF cap, a CFF watch, pencil crayons, a mini puzzle, an armband, sun glasses, a small cuddly Lyco toy and a Lyco key ring. The children were very excited and took funny, commemorative photos with their gifts.
Lastly, certificates were handed out to all the volunteers who took part in the campaign.
The campaign was a huge success. Together we ensured that these 35 children had a very special day.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

The aim of the campaign was to benefit the children at the Jack and Jill Children's Centre, whose standard of living is far below the national poverty line.

Project period
5. October 2018
Convenantee group

35 disadvantaged children, aged between 4 and 5, who are looked after by the Jack and Jill Children's Centre and who are affected by extreme poverty.