Equal Opportunities

December 2017
Murtal, Austria

Christmas Campaign 2017

Valuable help for single parents "Angel for a Day" in Austria

Thanks to the generous donations of the myWorld Community and the myWorld employees, the CFF was able to fulfil the wishes of four families.

Life does not always go according to plan and things can quickly get out of hand. Whether we are dealing with the death of a partner and co-parent, a separation without financial support, or the manifestation of an illness, these are all strokes of fate we cannot prevent. When our lives are derailing, financial hardship is usually not far behind.

This year, the Child & Family Foundation and myWorld Austria decided to support Father Christmas by bringing a very special Christmas surprise to families in need.
The employees of myWorld as well as the Loyalty Merchants have shown the kindness of their hearts and filled the donation box to the brim, thereby ensuring a great surprise for all four families: The accumulated donations were used to gift a dishwasher to a single father of four children, one of whom suffers from physical disabilities and one is socially and emotionally impaired. The father has therefore been granted assistance in his daily household duties and can now use his spare time for more important things. Furthermore, a single mother and her autistic son were gifted a day out in a Styrian thermal spring. Vanessa's mother was also a recipient of financial support. Her musical daughter can now take flute lessons and both daughters can now enjoy a daily lunch at school. The bright and often untamable Max also received a gift - he will soon be able to exert his energy on the field as a member of a football team. His brand-new football gear will help him achieve top athletic performances.

A special thank you goes out to all sponsors and especially the SMILE Translations Organisation GmbH, whose generous donation of 1,000 euro has allowed made many wishes to come true.

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Vom Schicksal betroffene Familien eine besondere Weihnachtsüberraschung zu bescheren.

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Christmas 2017
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The employees of myWorld
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