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August 2019

Children's Flight Day in aid of disadvantaged children and teenagers living in Austria

Children's Flight Day 2019 in Austria

In 2019, the Child & Famly Foundation held a double Children's Flight Day for physically and mentally disabled and socially disadvantaged children and teenagers, which are looked after by special aid organisations and welfare institutions.

Our first Children's Flight Day took place on 24th August 2019 in Alberndorf in Riedmark, Upper Austria. This spectacular event took place in the grounds of Peter Affenzeller's Whisky Distillery and Cafe Lounge once again and approximately 100 children, teenagers, their families and carers turned up.

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An impressive helicopter flight, high above the beautiful upper Austrian landscape, and a diverse programme of events awaited them, making for a fantastic day. The children were kept busy all day long with the vast array of craft stalls, tractor rides, husky dogs to stroke and a children's cocktail stand, tasty snacks and meals. 

Second Children's Flight Day 2019 in the Styrian Gnas.

The second Children's Flight Day took place on 7th September 2019 in Gnas, Styria, where the local fire brigade opened up their grounds to host the event which also spilled out onto the neighbouring football pitch. We were able to make the dreams of approximately 100 disadvantaged children and teenagers come true. The children are looked after by several different care institutions including the SOS Kinderdorf, the Anton Afritsch Kinderdorf, the Leah Verein(t) and Mosaik GmbH.  They were all very enthusiastic about the helicopter flight and the view of the world from above.


Equal opportunities through inclusion

Alongside the helicopter flight, a truly special entertainment programme was laid on: Craft stands, background music and tasty treats awaited the participants, as well as a photo shooting box, a bouncy castle and a tombola.

A successful distraction

The aim of the children's flight days is to give the children and teenagers involved a break from their everyday lives and to take their minds of their worries, fears and issues.  Many of them struggle with problematic familial or social backgrounds, physical restrictions or psychological illnesses which make their everyday lives and that of their families and carers very difficult. 

For this very reason, it is even more important to encourage the children and teenagers to step out of their comfort zone and offer them a new experience which is mostly reserved for children who don't suffer from physical, psychological or social disabilities: a helicopter flight around the region.

Equal opportunities through inclusion

80 volunteers, including the Whiskey Distillery und Café Lounge Peter Affenzeller, the Rotary Club Gallneukirchen-Gusental and myWorld Austria, the Austrian branch of the global shopping community, Cashback World, supported ur in realising the Children's Flight Days this year.  Furthermore, we were thrilled to receive support from Maria Freidinger, the initiator of the project in Gnas, and from the local community of Gnas.  Many thanks!

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

The aim of the children's flight days is to distract physically, pyschologically and socially disabled and disadvantaged children and teenagers from the worries, fears and issues of the everyday and to make it possible for them to experience something truly exclusive and unforgettable.

Project period
24th August 2019 and 7th September 2019
Convenantee group

200 children and teenagers struggling with physical, psychological and social disabilities and disadvantages who are looked after by SOS Kinderdorf, the Anton Afritsch Kinderdorf, the Diakoniewerk Upper Austria, the Caritas based in the Linz diocese, Leah Verein(t) and Mosaik GmbH.

Project partner

myWorld Austria, österreichischer Betreiber der weltweiten Shopping Community Cashback World

Whisky Destillerie und Café Lounge Peter Affenzeller

Rotary Club Gallneukirchen-Gusental

Gemeinde und Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gnas

Maria Freidinger

Oliver Mandel

Christian Fürthauer

Limonade Brantl

JW Flighttraining Graz – dieflugschule.at


Firma Moser

Foto Indra


Braucommune Freistadt

Fleischmanufaktur Anton Riepl.

Fleischhauerei Passegger

Mr. Milli

SMILE Translations

Mitarbeiter von myWorld, die für die Tombola gespendet haben

freiwilligen Helfern der Lyconet Community

Gerry Seebacher

Ford Ornig