Angel for a Day

December 2015

A change of scene for victims of violence

A day full of happy moments, far removed from all negative experiences at the „Angel for a Day“ in Slovakia

A very special "Angel for a Day" event took place in Slovakia: An unforgettable programme was organised for 15 children, who in the past had suffered domestic violence, mobbing and sexual abuse and who are now cared for by the non-profit organisation "Sun Center" (Centrum Slniečko).

"Angel for a Day" Slovakia 2015

The aim of this event was to give the children and their mothers or caretakers the opportunity to spend a wonderful day together and enjoy many different highlights.


The suggestion was to create a wonderful pre-Christmas "Angel for a Day" excursion for the children of the "Sun Center", as such activities bring great joy, even though they are rather rare due to financial restraints. Many Cashback World Loyalty Merchants and Members as well as Lyocnet Marketers expressed their willingness to support this event in any way possible. A great day full of different projects could therefore easily be organised.

The day started off at the hotel OKO, where voluntary helpers and the children and their mothers or caretakers came together. This venue, which was kindly provided free of charge, offered enough space for all to let loose and be creative at the workshop run by the Loyalty Merchant ELPIDA.

Beautiful masks were designed, mirror frames decorated and fantastical sculptures modelled.

"Angel for a Day" Slovakia 2015
"Angel for a Day" Slovakia 2015
"Angel for a Day" Slovakia 2015

After the creative tasks were finished, everyone was invited to the "Tearoom EPICURE" for afternoon snacks including muffins and hot beverages.


But the highlight of the day was yet to come. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Saint Nicholas - who, true to Slovakian tradition, arrived with his loyal followers as well as a devil. Every child received a small present from Saint Nicholas and it was beautiful to see the joy on their faces when they opened their presents and spoke to Saint Nicholas and his helpers.

"Angel for a Day" Slovakia 2015
"Angel for a Day" Slovakia 2015

It was an amazing day for everyone involved and the children's reactions were priceless. We were extremely pleased with the Director of "Sun Center"- Mariana Kováčová's feedback when she stated: "We are here on Earth to do good things and I believe that the Cashback World has fully understood this task as they are always willing to offer help when and where needed. I also really appreciate the solidarity within the Cashback World Community. I believe that by working together, the world can truly be changed for the better."

We are delighted that once more we were able to create a wonderful "Angel for a Day" event and would like to thank everyone who helped put a smile on the children's faces.

We would like to say a special thank you to the following Loyalty Merchants, Members and especially Martina Pospíšilová for initiating and realising this day:
Paverpol / Eva Rohrmann Madová
LAPIS IT / Lucia Syncakova
KSM / Ondrej Ligač
Top-Service / Jan Šramka
EPICURE / Stanislav Benčík
Pizza Familia / Silvia Hudecová
DUVIL /Viliam Ďuračka
Gourmet Coffee and Travel Club / Miriam and Miroslav Neštický
InTimes Watches / Andrzej Pycz

We would also like to express our gratitude to all Child & Family Foundation sponsors and supporters.

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Project Goals

The aim of this event was to create an unforgettable day for the children and adolescents who are cared for and supported by the "SUN CENTER" (Centrum Slniečko). They were given the opportunity to show their creative side and relax along with their carers and mothers. Furthermore, a Saint Nicholas' Day party was organised including presents for every child.

Project period
Convenantee group

15 children and adolescents who have suffered domestic violence, mobbing and sexual abuse and who are supported by the non-profit organisation "Sun Center".