Angel for a Day

November 2018

Bring a smile to the pupils faces

Angel for a Day Rayong - November 2018

At the end of November 2018, the myWorld Thailand Team organised an "Angel for a Day" event at a local school to improve the lives of the students, most of whom come from poor families, and to give their help to those who need it most.

The Ban Khao Khong Song school was founded in 1980. It currently has 61 students, who are taught by 3 teachers in 9 classrooms. As the school is in a remote area and most of the children come from poor families, the myWorld Thailand Team wanted to help them and it didn't take them long to organise an "Angel for a Day" event.


The aim of the event was to ensure that the children had all the financial assistance and educational materials that they required, and to provide them with the best education possible.

Access to education and the quality of that education play an important role.  Above all, the myWorld Thailand Team wanted to provide the children with better health and a better quality of life. The fact that education has an impact on health and vice versa is well known and several studies have already proven it.

Promoting education in Thailand

The idea behind the event was to spend a day at the school with the children and to provide them with a balanced lunch, as well as doing activities such as drawing, reading, singing and playing games.


The "Angel for a Day" event took place on 30th November 2018.  It began at 11am with a welcome speech from the teachers, followed by a traditional Thailand dance performance by the children.  Everyone then had a plentiful lunch to stock up on energy for the afternoon programme.

The programme started with the game "Journey to Jerusalem", and then other games with balloons and dancing followed.  The prize for the winners was a cuddly toy. In addition, every child received a small goody-bag and students who had worked really hard and done well also received a certificate for their efforts.

Hard working students receiving certificates for their efforts
Ausgewogene Mahlzeit für Kinder in Thailand
Spiel und Spaß für thailändische Kinder
Traditionell gekleidete thailändische Kinder
Überreichung der Geschenke

Before leaving, the myWorld Thailand Team also equipped the school with brand new basket balls, footballs and volleyballs, which will enable the children to explore and improve their talents with the various ball sports.

They also took photos of themselves with the children and the teachers. It was a really exciting and fun experience and at the end of the day, everyone was tired but happy to have been able to have this time together.


"The only way to do a great job is to love what you do."  (Steve Jobs)

The heartfelt smiles from the children and teachers alike showed the myWorld Thailand Team that their efforts had been more than worth it.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in making this fantastic day possible for the children.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

To give the children the best possible education by providing them with educational materials.

Project period
Convenantee group

61 students from the Ban Khao Khong Song School, who come from poor families, and some of whom are from the streets or are orphans.