A productive Christmas holiday: Reflection and planning for the new school year

Whilst the pupils and teaching staff of the Holy Trinity School enjoyed their well-deserved Christmas break, the school founders and director, Frederick Akhelumele, used the time to plan to the purchases for the year 2020.

Over 1,100 pupils are enrolled at the Holy Trinity School and receive a high-quality education day after day.  Both the pedagogues, who are happy to share their knowledge, and the learning environment available to the teachers and pupils play decisive roles in the school's success.  To be able to guarantee children and teenagers the best-possible education in the future, we would like to be able to continue to optimise the learning environment when necessary.

Planning and evaluation of annual accounts

That's why Frederick Akhelumele spent a portion of the Christmas holidays at the school, so that he could discuss the progress made in previous months and expenditure for the following year.  These budget and evaluation meetings are imperative as, to ensure that every cent of the donations we receive can be made use of sustainably and effectively, rigorous planning and continuous evaluation are a must.  Precise documentation of all project progress using photographic and video recordings as well as regular report compilation is essential, such as precise cost and and document audits as well as detailed time and resource planning. 


christmas school holy trinity
christmas school holy trinity