Ambassadors of the Child & Family Foundation


A Child & Family Foundation (CFF) Ambassador is a committed individual or a team of marketing experts and entrepreneurs who play a crucial role in advancing our mission. Our ambassadors are selected from individuals as well as teams dedicated to philanthropic causes, who have a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families worldwide. - Heidemarie Kipperer, Chairwoman of CFF


Who can be a CFF Ambassador?

CFF Ambassadors can be individuals engaged in charitable causes or teams of marketing experts and entrepreneurs who wish to utilize their skills and networks to assist children and families in precarious situations. Another way to become an ambassador is by inspiring and motivating 20 or more people to join our mission as Heroes, becoming part of our movement for increased equality of opportunity, educational justice, and solidarity.

What does it mean to be a CFF Ambassador?

As ambassadors, they advocate for our mission both offline and online, organize activities, and seek out new partners and donors. They can collaborate directly or indirectly with CFF projects and contribute to financial sustainability through donations. Additionally, they use social media to raise awareness and mobilize support.

Why become a CFF Ambassador?

The role offers the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of needy children and families worldwide and actively work towards a better future.

Education costs money, but nothing is more expensive than no education, as JFK said! Thanks to sport and education, I have managed to climb the social ladder and at the same time hit the lottery jackpot in my birthplace, Austria! Out of gratitude I want to help the CFF with this heart project!!! Education of the heart is the most important education of all. 

- Volker Piesczek


Volker Piesczek is a multitalented man who has made a name for himself both in the media and in football. He is a presenter, entertainment TV professional, life coach, news anchorman, musician, former professional footballer, and one of the founders of the emerging fashion label HEARTFUCK. Beyond his significant professional achievements, he is, above all, a loving father of two remarkable sons. Education equity and the promotion of equal opportunities are issues close to his heart, and he is passionately committed to our mission of creating a fairer world for all. Want to learn more about our CFF Ambassador Volker Piesczek?

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