Motif: Basic needs go unmet

The best child-rearing methods and lesson plans won't have an effect on a child if its basic needs are not met.  This is why the nutritional program run by the Amina Zwindila Foundation School makes a huge contribution. 

If people perform criminal acts or damage something, society tends to judge or write them off very quickly.  Those who do come into conflict with the law, are punished and this act of punishment is supposed to teach them a lesson.  The fact that pure desperation is often the cause of criminal acts is often conveniently forgotten. 

This aspect played an important role when the nutritional program was being set up at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School. Having enough to eat is one of the most important human basic needs.  Children in Nigeria often arrive at school with empty tummies and without a packed lunch.  Whether these children then receive a meal when they get home in the evening, remains a mystery to the teachers and fellow pupils and thus is doubted.  Thus, it was often the case that the children who did arrive with lunch had their packed lunch stolen by other children who had to go without.  If one is aware of these children their living conditions, then it is a little more difficult to judge them for this behaviour.  The best thing about the new nutritional program at the school: Since the school lunches have been introduced, no more food has gone mysteriously missing.

The very fact that the children no longer have to steal out of sheer hunger and desperation, is not the only positive effect of the recently introduced nutritional program.