Mega Christmas Campaign for Austrian Care Workers

Mit einer österreichweiten Weihnachtsaktion setzen die Child & Family Foundation und ONESENSE ein Zeichen für die Pflegekräfte des Landes: Der wohltätige Grazer Verein und der Nahrungsergänzungsspezialist schenken ihnen als Dank für ihren unermüdlichen Ei

The pandemic has shown us how vulnerable we really are and how quickly our health services and social welfare infrastructure can be destabilised. Precisely because of this, we should value the achievements of our health and care workers in this country who given their all each and every day to keep this system going. “It is really important to me to reward all those people who give up their time to help older people, people with disabilities and people in particularly challenging situations”, explains Heidemarie Kipperer, Chairwoman of the Child & Family Foundation. “The generous donation which has been made by our collaborative partners, ONESENSE, in the form of a thousand immune-system boosting drinks, came at exactly the right time! With these, we can give something back to the thousands of heath and care workers and thank them for their invaluable work.  

These drinks, designed specially to boost the immune system, have been dispatched to Diakoniewerk care workers across Austria. All those involved in the administrative and pedagogical sectors as well as the Red Cross Vorarlberg team received an All-in-One drink to enjoy, a concentrated vitamin juice which provides the body with all the important micro-nutrients it needs. The health, care workers and emergency services were thrilled on receiving the gifts.


“We are really enthusiastic about this Christmas campaign” says Red Cross Manager Mag. Janine Gozzi, MPH MBA. “We’d like to thank the Child & Family Foundation and ONESENSE for thinking of our team members at this difficult time, a time at which our team are performing an extraordinary job.”


The director of Diakonie Austria, Maria Katharina Moser, welcomes the symbol of hope cast by the campaign.  


“Even before Corona began, our care workers coped with too great a workload in too little time” she emphasises. “Corona has meant that Diakonie team members are working at their limit. We need comprehensive care reform in Austria to ensure that our care workers decide to stay in this sector. The Child & Family Foundation and ONESENSE joint campaign cannot serve as a replacement for the necessary structural changes which still need to take place. However, we are very pleased to note that the campaign has raised considerable awareness around the topic of care and shows appreciation for the immeasurable contribution made by the care workers of Austria. This, in turn, highlights the urgency of the situation which the care sector in Austria is in.”

Große Weihnachtsaktion für die österreichischen Pflegekräfte
Große Weihnachtsaktion für die österreichischen Pflegekräfte
Große Weihnachtsaktion für die österreichischen Pflegekräfte