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A reforestation project involving Hungarian school pupils and the Greenfinity Foundation

We can only reap what we sow, that's why we would like to plant something today, with the help of the Hungarian school children, which will, in future, improve the environment which they are to grow up in and their quality of life: Trees. 

What do children need to learn today to be ready for tomorrow?

Education means far more than just being able to read and write.  Education means preparing the next generation for their future so that they can build themselves a better life.  In today's world, a good life is only possible if we manage to approach climate change with the future in mind as devastating environmental disasters and increasing levels of drought, as well as the fight for water, will subject people living in well-situated countries to a life of poverty. 

„We are of the opinion that environmental education is an important task if we wish to preserve the quality of life of people living in countries threatened by the consequences of climate change.“  

A warm premonition for Hungary

In the future, Hungary will be adversely affected by extreme drought and high temperatures if climate change progresses at its current pace.  Thus, measures taken in response to climate change must work to prevent this.  Trees will certainly be in higher demand when temperatures rise as they provide shade and are proven to cool air temperature. Thus, they are going to become increasingly important in densely built-up cities. 

Hot forecasts for Hungary drought climate change

A reforestation project to raise awareness

However, you can't simply make demands for a sustainable future and, as well as changing our approach, we also need the next generation to handle the matter in a completely different way.  Therefore, we would like to set up a special reforestation project in collaboration with the Greenfinity Foundation: in line with the efforts Hungary is making to plant 50 million trees, we would like to do our bit with the help of Hungarian school pupils: In collaboration with the Greenfinity Foundation, we would like to plant 10,000 trees in Hungary. 


This will not only improve the future climate for today's young people but also raise awareness and generate understanding amongst the next generation.

We need to stick together in the fight against climate change. 

Help thousands of trees to take root in Hungary and protect the environment!

Donate trees to our community project with the Greenfinity Foundation!