Let's hope we can celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs, little chocolate bunnies and a large hot lunch!

Easter is celebrated differently all over the world. Some cultures mark Easter by buying chocolate rabbits and putting on decorative egg hunts, whilst others wouldn't even know what a chocolate Easter Egg is!

We have been supporting several school social projects all over the world for more than 10 years now and have had the opportunity to experience different traditions and ways of celebrating. Here, we'd like to share briefly with you how children at three of our schools celebrate Easter: Honduras, Nigeria and the Philippines.


Let’s go to the beach!

Honduran children spend Easter on a sunny, hot beach with their families! Families barbecue a chicken, bread and veggies, adults drink “Salva Vida” beer, children are treated to Coca Cola, run around and go swimming in the sea. Unfortunately, the happiness can’t last long and, after Easter, the harsh realities of life return.



Grilled Catfish and boiled eggs

Religion plays a big role in Nigerian Easter. “Parades” of adults and children singing hymns throng the streets. On Easter Sunday, eggs are boiled and hidden outdoors for children to find them, whilst families gather, eat fried rice, barbecue chicken, shrimp dishes, catfish pepper soup and Nigerian Jollof. You won't find chocolate and Easter bunnies here.


The Silence of Semana Santa

Filipinos call Easter “Semana Santa”. No one has to go to work and people try to visit 7 churches before Easter Sunday as lots of Filipinos are religious. In the run-up to Easter Sunday, people stay at home, children play quietly indoors, and the streets are silent. People fast and choose not to drink alcohol. Often people go down to the beach and families prepare traditional meat dishes such as Adobo, Sinigang na Baboy and Pancit.

We’d love to send lots of chocolates and Easter bunnies to every one of our children. Sadly, they have other more basic needs and although Easter is a really fun time for them, the reality of their lives is usually much harder and more difficult. If every one of us donates just 20 EUR, our children can receive what they really need. One of the following:


- 1 set of school uniform

- 1 pair of shoes

- 1 backpack

- 1 set of school stationary

- 1 month of warm meals


Please share this link with your friends and help us to make Easter a time of joy for the nearly 700 children attending our schools in Nigeria, Philippines and Honduras. Happy Easter!