Facts & Figures

90 Angel for a Days

have been organised thanks to uncountable of volunteers.

This is how you can take part

While donations are indispensable for the implementation of our educational and aid projects, we are also very glad if you want to actively take part and help at the Child & Family Foundation.

Organise an “Angel for a Day

Stand up for people in need in your surroundings. Whether it is a day in the country, a sports event or an exciting outing ‒ not everyone has the resources to experience something like that. If you have an idea or can organise an unforgettable day for children and adolescents in need and their families, we would be very happy to support you in making it come true.

Angel for a day
A day full of playing and fun for children in Mexico
Afad Fort Lauderdale

Motivate your friends, your network, your clients or your community. Give people who are worse off a day filled with positive experiences and organise an “Angel for a Day” with us.


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