Hall of Heroes

“The hall of heroes is the place where very special people belong and where we, the Child & Family Foundation honour, thank, and recognise those who deserve it.


Hundreds of children attend our school around the world, from India to Central America, from South Africa to the Philippines, thanks to the generosity of our heroes.

Many women and men support us and have supported us through generous donations.

Nevertheless, only a few have taken the responsibility, the challenge, and the courage to donate regularly through our sponsorship programme.


If you feel the call to become a hero and want to commit to helping our children, check out our sponsorship programme and become one.

Your sponsorship will bring a book, a meal, a ride, a uniform, a classroom, education against bullying and many other necessary things to one or hundreds of children from our school projects.


We will be very proud to honour you in our hall of heroes!”


"After many years of building a successful business, I was able to give my family the life I always wanted for them.

Now it is time to help other families to have a better life. Therefore I support with full dedication the projects of the Child & Family Foundation to give not only my children, but children all over the world a better future."

Andy Galler, Spain


"I support the work of CFF because I firmly believe that education is one of the most important tools to lift a country out of poverty. For me, supporting children's school education means more than giving them the chance for a better life; it also means helping to invest in the future of their countries."

Peter Gruber, Austria


"Life is a mysterious gift for everyone and everyone has the right to discover its natural potential without being hindered by the schemes of society, I hope only one day to do more for the future of those who really need it."

Gabriele Casamento, Italy


"I support the CFF because every child in the world should have access to education. Unfortunately, there are still countries where educational facilities are not a matter of course, so it is an honour for me to be able to support precisely these!"

Fabian Dölfel, Germany


"Not every child is lucky enough to grow up in a safe environment and thus realise their full potential. I want to contribute to helping as many children as possible, they too have the right to a bright future."

Rebien Brahim, Deutschland


"I have known CFF for ten years, and it is a great honor to support its initiatives!
I really like the idea of not simply sending money, but of helping families with concrete actions, such as building schools and supporting children's education. Education means freedom!"

Chiara Scoffone, Italy


"I am proud of taking part to CFF supporters as all of us can do more for helping people and above all children in having a better future. So a small help from everyone can save the life and change the history of million people all over the world."

Carlo Negri, Italia


"What is really fulfilling in life is the meaning, the why, the contribution, giving something back, that is, your contribution to the world."

Claudia Kaiser, Germany


"I was born in a privileged country and had the best conditions for my life. Many children in this world do not have such a privilege. I donate to the Child & Family Foundation in order to give such children better conditions for their lives."

Daniel Hirschinger, Germany


"Being the person who can make someone happy with my small monthly amount is energy that flows back to me."

Marina Graf, Germany


"I am happy to support people who have not made it to the sunny side of life with " financial rays of sunshine" from me, because the light always shines back."

Michael Gaidas, Germany


"The most pressing and important question for me in life

is: What can I do for others?" Of ever greater importance, both for the individual and for society, is the sense of purpose. Life should have meaning, feelings like being used, making a valuable contribution, being a recognised part of a community are essential here. So the project and the CFF are very close to my heart, something has to be done and I want to continue to support and be part of this movement to help."

Klaus Prader, Austria


"Every child has the right to education, to a great childhood and to a great life. I love children and that's why I didn't hesitate for long to support the CFF. I help where I can and with you I know that the money will arrive. The children are happy about any support. My heart goes out to them."

Michaela Heblinger, Germany


"The real heroes are the children.We are just a part if their success."

Dimitrios Zervas, Greece


"Amazing to see all the things that has been done during the years!! I feel very privileged to be a part of it!"

Johnny Torpner, Sweden



"Education enables children to build new skills and is the foundation for a happy and promising future."

Anna & Herbert Teissel,  Greece



"I can only recommend everyone to support our CFF. I know that the money really goes to where it "does good" and yes, it's true, being able to donate something also makes us happy ."

Anna Wagner, Austria



"I support the CFF because education is needed worldwide. Giving is more blessed than receiving!"

Michael Langmann,  Austria



"The time we live in today has a huge shortcoming and a huge need for what you do. That's why I want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of it and together do more. I wish you even greater success in the future."

Kostadin Vitanov




"Education is one of the most important things to provide for children. That's why it is so important to me personally to make a monthly contribution for this. Because at CFF, we know that the donation goes exactly where it is needed. Because the children of today are the future of tomorrow."

Martin Pammer, Austria




"I support the CFF because it is important to make education possible for all people in the world. We are lucky to afford such a small monthly donation and make a big difference. We should all support each other, together we are strong."
Ede Buser,  Switzerland




"With the confidence that 100% of the money donated will be used for the aid projects, we are happy to support the CFF. This will enable young people to learn to read and write and thus have a better chance for a better life".

Karl & Lotte Dumfart, Austria



I am very happy to support the CFF because I believe that in the context of globalization, neither the family nor the children receive the necessary attention and support. The CFF is about humanity and what matters as humanity together.

Evangelos Saliveros, Germany



"For me, supporting the CFF means the certainty that my help will actually get to where it is needed.”

Christiane Grangl, Austria



"What we have done just for ourselves dies with us. What we have done for others and for the world remains and is immortal!"
Luciano Alpa, Italien



"Every child must be given the opportunity to attend school. Without education, the outlook for the future is rather bleak. Therefore, I see it as everyone's duty to be able to make this possible."

Christoph Pöcksteiner, Austria



"Having lived in Africa for many years, I saw that many people had no chance of an education and therefore no chance of a better life. That's why I support the Child and Family Foundation because it gives people a chance all over the world."

Ivo Gölz, Austria



"True wealth has nothing to do with money. When someone needs you and you help them, it is priceless doing so! It is my pleasure to be part of the Child & Family Foundation! "

Branko Chaushki, Italy



"I donate to the Child & Family Foundation because there are people who have no chance of education. Because there are people who don't even have a hot meal or clean water."

Florian Neumayer, Deutschland

Familie Löffler


"Social responsibility is an important topic for us. Month after month, we want to make a difference in the lives of those who trust in our community. As individuals we cannot solve all problems, but as CFF we can give people hope.."
Rita & Peter Löffler, Austria



"I support the CFF because children are our future, and especially disadvantaged children need our support."

Dr. Gerald Braun de Praun, Austria



"We are all doing so freaking well in Europe that it is our responsibility to offer children in need an opportunity to do so."

Mike E. Kampmann, Switzerland



"There are many out there who need help and support, but I have chosen Child & Family Foundation because all the money comes to the kids! My small contribution to the weakest in the world."

Reidar Stokkan Aas, Norway



"What is going on on this planet at the moment makes me think a lot... I am convinced that a good education for the next generation is the most important thing and that the money really goes WHERE it helps. That's why I'm convinced and very PROUD of the CFF."

Gerry Seebacher, United Arab Emirates




"I support our foundation because I love life on our beautiful planet and I am so sorry that there are so many people and children who have to deal with just everyday survival and don't have a chance to learn more about the world.

And our schools help them do that, teach them more about our planet and give them a chance to move on with their lives."

Veronika Kubecová, Czech Republic



"Through the education of the children, it is possible that they can later free their country from poverty."

Carina Lindeberg, Sweden



"By helping we help us get through difficult times. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. Good and safe education is the greatest opportunity."

Walter Seebacher, Austria



"In Qunu, South Africa, I was able to see for myself what our help means for children and schools. It was more than touching for me to see to see how happy the children there are to be able to attend a school and to get their food there every day. If we all help, we can we can do much more."

Helmut Freydl, Austria



"Small deeds that you do are better than big ones that you only plan."

Pierre Ricard Lacen, Austria



"Education is the most important tool you can receive, it will give you more opportunities in life and personal growth. I support Child & Family Foundation because I know that education will give these children a better life."

Anne Karin Espevik,  Norway



"Especially in these turbulent times, we can appreciate even more how well we are doing.
Therefore, it is natural for me to support people in other life situations."

Katharina Primus, Austria



"Through my many years of experience in the corporate world, I have seen so many charity projects, but never have I had so much confidence in a charity as I have in CFF. With this, I hope that I can convince others through my commitment. Especially in this time, when every help is really needed. Thank you very much for your commitment and your work."

Lohan Viorel, Austria


"It's amazing how organizations like the CFF provide us with the possibility of helping very poor people in remote regions with just a click on our smartphones.That my donation reaches schools in Africa or South America is only possible thanks to the structure behind the CFF."

Alejandro, Mexico


"Privately, it is also important to me to support projects financially together with my family because I know that 100% of my donation goes exactly where it is most urgently needed. Being a role model, giving something back, and helping others is key to your own well-being because everything positive you give comes back."

Heidemarie Kipperer, Austria