Half way through 2022!

When the students of Amina Zwindila Foundation School rushed back to school  on January 9 after their well-deserved Christmas break, there were no spacing rules or covid tests. Unlike in other places around the world, school life - at least as far as Corona is concerned - has almost returned to normal in Nigeria. Students still have to comply with a few basic hygiene and safety rules, including wearing masks indoors and washing their hands regularly, but other than that, they hardly feel any restrictions.


Not only the final exams at the end of March, but also the career day around the Easter vacations, which has already become a tradition at the school, could take place normally this year. The purpose of this day is to introduce students to various professions and advise them on their career goals and interests. In order to give this important offer that certain something extra and thus make it even more attractive to the children, on this day all the children at the school dress up as representatives of their desired professions and so every year on Career Day you see little astronauts, policemen, doctors and scientists cavorting around the school grounds.

However, all this does not hide the predicament in which the school finds itself at the moment. The already difficult economic situation in the country since the outbreak of the pandemic has been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. Prices for everyday items are skyrocketing and the country is plagued by power outages, water and food shortages. While every segment of the population is feeling the effects of the crisis, it is primarily the poorer families who are now struggling to meet their basic needs. Many children come to school hungry, and some don't come at all because their families need the extra hands to somehow scrape together the money for dinner. In light of these developments, many families now lack the funds for necessary school supplies such as textbooks.

The situation is devastating. We are trying to help as much as we can, but without donations even our hands are tied. If you would like to help us support the students of Amina Zwindila Foundation School in this difficult time, you can do so here: