Get the new school year off to a good start at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School

The new school year starts with new furniture and books

September is back-to-school time in Nigeria too.  In countries where access to education is not a given, the pupils are even more excited at the prospect of going back to school - especially when much has been going on over the summer, as has been the case at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School. 

Schulstart an der Amina Zwindila

To ensure that they were able to offer an optimal learning environment for the children, furniture replacements were delivered on time and in impeccable condition. New stationary and teaching materials were purchased for both the children and the teaching staff.  As such, all necessary preparations were made to ensure that the new academic year got off to a good start.

Schulstart in Nigeria
Neues Unterrichtsmaterial für Nigerianische Schule

To make this a reality, the teachers had had a good think over the summer as to how the school activities and events for this academic year could be better planned and a little more pupil-friendly.  In order to do this, they divided up into work groups and developed programs and ideas.

Schulstart in NIgeria
Schulstart in NIgeria