The first step towards universal education: a functioning infrastructure

The renovation of San Roque Elementary School provided it with everything needed for a modern curriculum.

Countries with extreme poverty always encounter the same dilemma: the wealthy can afford private schools, there is not enough money for the poor in the educational system - without education they have no chance of obtaining better work and hence no way out of poverty. We want to change the tide with our renovation and long-term support of San Roque Elementary School.

No money for education

Even though economic indicators show strong positive growth for Philippines, the benefits do not reach the socially disadvantaged. The less parents earn, the lower the chances are that their children will complete higher education - as seen The Philippines: Approximately only 69% of Filipino elementary school students from a poor background continue their education, compared to 94% of students from a wealthy background.

poor kid Philippines
poor kid Philippines
poor kid Philippines

The disparity between rich and poor is huge: the upper class can often afford an education in a private school. Other social classes lack choices: low government investment in the school system is reflected in the educational quality, completion quota and condition of school buildings.

There is a lack of teachers and infrastructure.

Infrastructure at public schools is deteriorated. Buildings are in a terrible state, there is a shortage of furnishings and study materials. The existing schools are hardly able to accomodate 1 million school newcomers. If there are no trained teachers, then students have no chance of a better future. The poverty spiral always twists downwards.

San Roque Elementary School - Construction

Full renovation and complete furnishings for the school

To provide a stimulating atmosphere, 16 classrooms were brightened and painted in welcoming colours. Additionally, new furnishings, bookshelves, boards and school materials were supplied. New windows, doors, ceilings, floors, ventilation and one toilet per classroom were installed.

Child and Family Foundation - Classroom on the Philippines

Cleaning facilities, maintenance and storage rooms, a theater stage and the cafeteria were entirely renewed. Dangerously cracked walls and the facade were refurbished.

A photovoltaic facility was set up In cooperation with the Greenfinity Foundation. The school infirmary, used for first aid of smaller injuries, was restocked and the missing teacher's conference room was built.