With the examinations out of the way, Father Christmas began his rounds

Following the December examination period, the pupils of the Amina Zwindila Foundation School will be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest over the festive period - but, not without a few surprises from Father Christmas. 

The first few intermediate examinations of the school year took place during early December.  Once again this year, the pupils were well prepared - the teaching staff had gone to great efforts prior to the start of term and had gone through the teaching content once again with the pupils as part of intensive learning sessions.  This was self-evident from the impressive examination results.  The tests also gave the teachers the opportunity to find out where any weak points might lie and which topics needed to be gone over again.

A good start to the Christmas holidays

To reward the pupils for their outstanding academic achievements, the school decided to throw a party on 18th December and, on this date, the school witnessed a great deal of singing, dancing and general merriment.  And who else should be there? None other than Father Christmas himself appeared amidst the festive music and canap├ęs.  The tranche of gifts which he had in his sleigh brought a twinkle to the eyes of the children. 

Special thanks goes to the teachers who ensure that the school day runs smoothly - Father Christmas had a surprise for them too, of course. 

christmas amina school foundation
christmas amina nigeria school

Top up on teaching materials

The Child & Family Foundation made a donation of teaching material and office stationary again this year - a huge help as such things are always in demand.