The „Cultural and Fruit Festival“ – not just the culinary highlight of the year

On 1st April in Nigeria, the country's fruit and traditional cuisine is celebrated.  However, for many people, this is simply an expression of one of life's joys, just as the pupils of the Amina Zwindila Foundation School have demonstrated.

The Cultural and Fruit Festival is a truly special event for the pupils as they are allowed to come to school in brightly-coloured clothing.  The aim of the festival is to remind the children to include more fruit in their diets.  However, their parents are also heavily involved: They visit the school as part of the festival and prepare traditional local dishes for the children - a culinary highpoint. öhHöfor both big and small.

cultural day
cultural day

Not just a festival...

There's no doubt about it: The fun factor is the key focus of these festivities.  However, it's not just all about fun - the children can also soak up lots of general knowledge at the same time.  The teachers explain what benefits the nation's healthy fruits and traditional dishes can have and the children have the opportunity to taste them.  Parents and teachers are keen for the children to pass on this knowledge of ingredients and preparatory methods. This way, the children can not only enjoy the freshly-prepared delicacies and have fun, but also heighten their awareness of dietary requirements.  This new-found knowledge of ingredients and the value of nutrition will be of great use to them later in life - it is yet another building block which the Amina Zwindila Foundation School puts in place to secure the future of the children in their care.