Circus makes School

CFF & Zirkuswelt Graz - Together Strong for Styrian Families

Our new partner Zirkuswelt Graz is a specialist when it comes to bringing children's eyes to sparkle and creating an atmosphere full of magic, fun, and wonder, where one can forget about everyday life and immerse themselves in a world of laughter and amazement. With our new cooperation, circus director and clown Christian Hofer and his troupe aim to raise the bar even higher and support Styrian families in difficult life situations.

Six years ago, the artists of Zirkuswelt Graz came up with something grandiose to bring lasting joy to children and at the same time relieve parents a little during the holiday season. Every summer, Zirkuswelt opens its doors to one of the most exciting holiday experiences in Styria: the circus school, a full-day holiday care of a special kind.


For one week, children aged 7 to 15 can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the circus and learn from experienced circus artists. From acrobatics to juggling to clowning - in the beautiful circus tent, the kids learn spectacular tricks that they proudly present at the end of the week in a two-and-a-half-hour grand finale show. A unique experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Part of the proceeds from the circus school will be used this year as part of a joint project to support Styrian families who are experiencing financial difficulties at the start of the school year. In addition, interested parents have the opportunity to contribute to helping affected families and enabling children to have a nice start to the new school year through a voluntary donation.


All information about the circus school is, of course, also available directly on the website of Zirkuswelt Graz.