Bikeability: travel safely on two wheels

To ensure that the young cyclists of the children's home Pauline are safely on the road they participated in a cycling proficiency training

As already mentioned, in August 2018, we were able to make ten bicycles for the children and teenagers who make up Pauline Children's Home's Intensive Therapy Group 5, thanks to the support provided by Marco Oreggia, Paul Schoor and his team. Several months have gone by since then, however the enjoyment that the children get out of cycling is in no way diminished and, as of the start of spring, the bikes are still in use all the time.

When you're cycling, it's not only important to have fun and enjoy the benefits of the exercise, but also to be aware of the highway code and how one should cycle safely.  It is particularly important that children have these rules repeated to them on a regular basis.

For this reason, the children's home organised a cycling proficiency training for the start of April and invited local traffic police. They took the time to explain the most important traffic regulations and safety instructions to the children using child-friendly terms. 

Sicher und mobil für Chancengleichheit der Kinder

20 children took part in the proficiency training over a two-day period.  Things that had already been learnt were refreshed and one or two new safety instructions were added.  So nothing can stand in the way of a safe summer's worth of cycling.