6 new school-projects in 2019

Without a school-building there will be no classes

Lack of infrastructure is one of the reasons why children in developing countries do not go to school. If there is no school building, then there is simply no place to teach.

Sometimes there would be a building but there is a lack of tables and chairs. Sometimes there would have been school buildings but they had been closed because a secure surrounding was no longer provided. Elsewhere there are no sanitary facilities, no running or clean water or electricity.

In order to give children in these poorest regions of the world the chance of education, we have focused on the construction, renovation and refurbishment of school buildings in 2019. We are grateful that we have a partner who will completes our competencies perfectly: the Greenfinity Foundation supports us by providing and installing photovoltaic systems and water treatment plants to ensure a cost-effective and stable power supply and clean water.