The nutritional program being run at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School seems to be having an effect already

After even a short time, the positive effect which the regular, balanced meals is having on the children is already visible

As we reported in January, communal school meals have been introduced to the school day at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School.

This nutritional program was set up by those responsible for the school after the teachers started to get wind of the fact that many children were coming to school without having had breakfast or a packed lunch.  The positive effects of the program on the pupils were visible after even a short time:

  • The children now come to school on time and look forward to lessons every day - they don't want to miss a minute. 
  • The pupils seem to be far healthier, livelier and their concentration in lessons has visibly improved.
  • Learning new things comes more easily to them now and many of them now seem to enjoy it.  They are far more active, concentrated and quicker at solving problems in the classroom. 
  • There often used to be cases of 'lost' packed lunches and, since the introduction of the new nutritional program, this doesn't seem to happen anymore. The school now has a far more positive atmosphere.