Belloli's vegetables are not just healthy, they're also socially sustainable

1,350€ have been collected at Ugo Belloli's Fundraising Campaign

At Ugo Belloli's vegetable stand, you'll only be able to buy fresh, regional produce: Those who shop there are automatically helping people who are far worse off than we are.

On the first Sunday in October, a village fete is taking place in the small community of Romanengo in Northern Italy.  On 6th October, the people living in the province of Cremona were celebrating and the Lyconet Marketer, Ugo Belloli, was there with his vegetable stand.  What's so special about that, you may ask: He's doing it for a good cause! For years now, the Italian has been donating the proceeds from the sale of his home-grown vegetables. This year, the Child & Family Foundation were able to benefit from Belloli's commitment to good causes.

Collaboration with a pre-school

The De-Brazzi Pre-school supported Belloli during campaign. This year it was a multicultural team: Girls and boys from 6 or 7 different countries from 3 different continents and 4 different religions participated and collaborated in this fundraising.

The pupils provided him with home-grown vegetables from their school veg patch and also helped him to sell the produce.  It was a great opportunity for them to support disadvantaged people in need all over the world. The entire school was impressed by the projects that the Child & Family Foundation had launched up to now – thus the children were very proud to support the foundation.

Make a commitment to the poorest among us

Thanks to the pupils' support, Belloli was able to offer the visitors to the village fete a more diverse range of products.  Furthermore, it was also possible to ensure increased sales profits, which Belloli then donated to the Child & Family Foundation. We are very grateful to Ugo Belloli and the De Brazzi School for their input, which will improve the living conditions of children living in the poorest regions of the world.