Wir schreiben Geschichte

Dear Vania!


You launched the “Projeto Textil” project in Parajuru in 2007. 

The project was supported by the “Fensterplatz Association” and Juliane Cichy and offered vocational training in the form of sewing and tailoring classes to young, unemployed women in the community. 

CFF were very enthusiastic about your idea and decided to take on the project in 2012.  We formed a partnership with you and took it upon ourselves to develop and support operations in full. Over the last 8 years, approximately 50 workshops and courses have been run for more than 100 participants. The courses covered a wide variety of topics including sewing, marketing, English, administration, DIY, make up and baking and many more and these courses have benefited the Projeto Textil participants hugely. 


More than a thousand recycled products, such as satchels, clothing, souvenirs and cosmetics, have been produced and sold not only in Brazil but also in many other countries around the world. Today, the Project has its very own centre, board of chairpersons, is a legal entity and has a long history of offering educational courses and producing good-quality recycled products. 


Our partnership has proved to be both a positive and prosperous period for the CFF and the Parajuru community. 


Our goal has always been to engender individual and communal growth with a view to bidding farewell to independent projects and organisations. Today, the Projeto Textil walks on its own two feet, sustainable and self-sufficient.


We are incredibly grateful for and proud of such a trustworthy partnership and hope to replicate this successful model during the course of future partnerships.


We wish you all the best for the future. 


Yours, Nina