Take a journey back in time - ensure a better future!

Take a tour of Milan through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci and support our educational projects with your ticket purchase.

City breaks are a thing of the past.  Time travelling is the holiday of the future. Just by popping on a pair of VR-glasses, you can travel to Leonardo da Vinci's Milan and see how the city looked through the eyes of one of the universe's genii. In so doing, you support the idea of educating the future generation: 20% of every ticket sale in the Cashback World is donated to to our educational projects. 

Did you ever wish you could travel to another time?

When you wander through the romantic little streets of Rome, Venice or Milan, passing ancient ruins which would tell enough stories to fill a tome if they could, past impressive palaces, wearing this season's verdigris, which has accumulated over the course of the last few hundred years and now covers the light-coloured stone and marble with a fine layer of vegetation, you may well ask yourself how palatial these houses and cities would have looked when Michelangelo or da Vinci were walking these streets?

Leonardo da Vinci – a genius searching for his equal

Whether Mona Lisa, The Last Supper or The Vitruvian Man - all of these masterpieces became famous 500 years later after being unveiled to the public and all are the work of da Vinci.  The polymath devoted his life not only to fine art, but also to the mathematical and physical fields such as studies in Geometry, Statistics and Dynamics, the human anatomy as well the phenomenon of light and shadow and invented a flying machine. 

Even a genius requires the correct conditions in which to blossom

What many do not know, is that da Vinci (1492-1519) invented the first rubbish collection system in Milan.  In many impoverished regions of the world there is still no rubbish collection system even today.  

Being born into the correct family, social class and in the right area was as important in the 14th and 15th century as it is today.  Only those who had access to the correct learning environment and formal education were able to realise their ideas.  Without a basic education, even talented individuals cannot come to the fore. 


By travelling back in time you give the gift of future to many children

Leonardo da Vinci invented many things - the time machine wasn't one of them.  Today, 500 years later it is however possible to travel back in time using Virtual Reality.  

If you next city break takes you to Milan, then take a journey back in time with 'You are Leo'. Experience the city through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci and provide children in need with a brighter future: 20% of all ticket sales were donated to our projects via the Cashback World.