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On January, 15th our Lyoness colleagues in Florida reopened the newly renovated Broward Children's Center with one newly furnished additional therapy room.

Finally, the CFF and the Lyoness US team reopened the new therapy facilities at the Broward Children's Center with a joyful opening ceremony. It was led by the CEO of the Broward Center, Marjorie Evans and the CEO of Lyoness America, Mario Hoffmann. The new room was furnished with special equipment like computers, toys or sanitory facilities which provide the best possible support for disabled children.

October 2012
The renovation of the Broward Children’s Center is coming to an end.

A lot has happened during the last months: the walls were painted, the floor was replaced, and some furniture is already in place. The renovated space shines in new splendor. The bathrooms are also ready.

The next step is the installation of a “Snoezelen room”. “Snoezelen” means a cozy and relaxing stay in a specially equipped room with different light effects, soft and relaxing sounds and comfortable sitting and laying areas. This should help the children to improve their sensorial perception and to relax. Furthermore, the “Snoezelen room” will be used as a therapeutic tool for a variety of problems and diseases in the future.

Within the next few weeks, the renovation work will be completed and the Child & Family Foundation Team is looking forward to seeing how much the children will like the newly equipped facilities of the Broward Children’s Center.

The new rooms are completed soon

The renovation work in the new premises is in full swing.
Several walls have already been moved to make space for the treatment options. The doors and hurricane-proof windows have already been fitted with the help of the marines.

Thanks to the CFF, the rooms are now fully air-conditioned and equipped with disabled access. In the next step the floor will be laid and the walls painted. Then work will begin on the furnishings and amenities of the rooms.