School Projects

May 2012
Uromi, Nigeria

Improved educational quality at privately-run Holy Trinity School in Nigeria

Only a well-educated next generation can make a positive change in their country.

An education is not a certainty in a country where many do not have access to schooling. School initiator Frederick Akhelumele wishes to provide just that: a high-quality education, to ensure a positive change of the social and economic status of his country. Help to self-help, that is exactly Child & Family Foundation's motto. This is why we intend to support this project as much as possible.


School dedication: Franz Rudolf Freidinger
We thank you in the  name of the beneficiaries for your commitment  and your relentless dedication to this school


Nigeria fights for its future

Nigeria would be a wealthy country. Petroleum and fertile grounds would be the best conditions to provide all inhabitants with a good standard of living.


Child poverty and hunger in Nigeria

But life in Nigeria has got a lot tougher in recent years. Over the course of 2016, the Naira (the local currency) has dropped significantly in value, causing the cost of everyday items to rise.

Military caricature and terror leave their mark on Nigeria
Hunger and poverty in Nigeria

Extreme population growth provides urgency to the situation. Overpopulation leads to shortages and deficiencies.

Boko Haram's occupation of the northern region of the country has led to thousands of people having to leave their home, the majority of whom are currently living on the streets

Frederick Akhelumele, a man with a great heart and vision

Many Nigerians, fortunate enough to receive a good education and work abroad, never come back. Each person favours safe surroundings and a comfortable standard of living. Who would hold this against them?

There are two types of people: those who look after themselves and those who look after others.

Frederick Akhelumele is one of those who cannot remain still in view of his country's grievances. He himself spent 10 years in Austria. Instead of staying and enjoying a nice life with the money he saved, he decided to take another path.

Education creates the future

The path to the future can only be set by the own populace

A country can only develop in a positive way when its inhabitants become actively involved in making social and economic changes. Mathematics teacher Akhelumele sees a proper education as the basis for this.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

Frederick Akhelume saved and acquired the financial means necessary for his project during his ten-year-stay in Austria and founded the Holy Trinity School that opended in 2005.  

Education for the poorer population in Nigeria
Training the youth for a better future

Holy Trinity School. A place for better schooling - especially for kids from impoverished backgrounds

Akhelumele did not only raise all the money, he initiated the construction of the school building, which was supported by the Youthcare International Association.

The Holy Trinity Nursery, Primary, Secondary Vocational Centre (in short: Holy Trinity School) opened as a comprehensive school in Ebhebe Quarters, Uromi, for 20 pupils with poor backgrounds from Uromi and the surrounding area. Today, more than 1,100 pupils attend the comprehensive school which has established an excellent reputation over the last years.

Over the past years, the school gained in repute, despite a minimal budget.

School partitioning as a means against poverty
Education for all in Nigeria

Child & Family Foundation helps Holy Trinity School expand

The cooperation between the Holy Triniy School and the Child & Family Foundation started in 2012. We started the project by supporting the school with covering parts of their running costs and developed further over time.

Renovation of the buildings

The already existing, but partially unfinished, infrastructure consisting of five school buildings was completely renovated. Floors, windows and doors as well as footways were renewed and sanitary facilities, which didn’t exist before, were constructed with the Child & Family Foundation’s support.

Education create by school building in Nigeria

This way more children that grow up in poor circumstances will have the opportunity to receive a well-balanced and extensive quality education with practical orientation.

Additionally, a wall surrounding the school area was built to ensure the safety of the children and teachers.

Computerunterricht für iene bessere Bildungsqualität in Nigeria

Erweiterung des Lehrangebots durch entsprechenden Ausbau der Schulinfrastruktur

It was also decided to further develop the infrastructure by building a multi-purpose hall on the school grounds.

The science labs, the library, the IT room and the language laboratory, which are set up in the hall, raises the quality of education and broaden the range of classes available.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Renewing the infrastructure and creating a suitable learning environment
  • Further developing the infrastructure to offer additional educational programs
  • Raising the quality of education by providing learning materials and premises for classes with practical orientation
Projekt Location

Uromi, Nigeria

Project period
Ongoing since 2012
Convenantee group

Over 1,100 students (nursery, primary and secondary school) who live in poor circumstances from Uromi and the surrounding area.

Project partner

Holy Trinity Nursery, Primary, Secondary Vocational Centre
Construction Management: Quinton O’Neill