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Maintenance of the air conditioning system and solar panels

An air conditioning system is indispensable in Honduras during the tropical heat. Its upkeep is therefore even more important.

Tropical heat prevails at Honduras' eastern coast. 30 degrees in the shade is not unusual. Those who wish to concentrate need more than just a spot in the shade. The air conditioning needs to be serviced occasionally, to allow the children to be able to give their best. Only then can the system function effectively and establish a tolerable temperature within the classrooms. During the maintenance, the solar panels were also checked. Everything is now working flawlessly.

Buffed til it shined!

Depending on the country you live in, going to school isn't always an "all inclusive" situation. It's often the case that the children's parents must purchase the books they'll need, or pay for the cleaning and maintenance of the school.

Unlike in industrialised nations, it's not always the case that schools are kept clean without the students and their families having to get involved. In some countries, the residents are happy to have an education institution at all. The parents, teachers and students work together for the upkeep. Twice a month the parent community get together to give Escuela Lyoness a good clean. The parents for each class level get together and clean the classrooms on a rotation basis. This keeps the school clean and also encourages the parents to form a community!

Up-and-coming football stars kitted out

A professional team needs the right kit.

The Escuela Lyoness team is a feared opponent in competitions. The children train hard and the match results show it. To ensure that they can give their best, they need the right football kit.

Recently, the kids took an exciting trip to 2 sports shops on the Philippines. A few of the parents were able to acquire a small bus and drove into town with the team and their trainers. Full of excitement, the children tried on several pairs of football boots until each of them found the ones that fit just right. They also purchased footballs and other training equipment. Full of happiness and appreciation, the children drove home again and couldn't wait for their next match.

Football kits were also purchased for the team.