Escuela Lyoness, Honduras

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Reduce, recycle, reuse

On Environment Day in August, the theme revolved around the three "R"s.

"Learning by doing" is the principle behind the ecological education at Escuela Lyoness. For this Environment Day, the kids in the second class looked deeper into the three "R"s and learned how to protect the environment and how recycling works. They then did a great presentation for their school colleagues to explain it all to them. The best way to protect the environment is to use as little resources as possible. If it's not possible to reduce that, then we should at least re-use the things we use wherever possible. And if that's not possible, the children now know and understand why recycling is so important: because it conserves resources.

Values as a basis for interacting with others

Values characterise how we behave and thus have a big influence on our future.

What are values and how did they come about? Why are they important? The children in the fifth class have been working on these questions recently.
Values characterise how we behave, and determine how we interact with others, which is why they are so important on the road to a successful life. Many children learn these values at home. Other families don't have time to interact with one another. Where poverty is rife, these skills may be crude, or the children are left to themselves. That's why this "small talk" regarding values and interacting with others, is a standard part of the curriculum at Escuela Lyoness.

The academic year of 2017 brought a lot of changes to Escuela Lyoness in Honduras: new students, new teachers, new projects and new challenges.

The teachers at Escuela Lyoness came up with a very special idea to ensure that the children started the year highly motivated and willing to learn. Without further ado, they intiated a school cleaning day and cleaned out all classrooms. The tables and chairs were taken to the school's courtyard and soon shone in new splendour. On 18 March, shortly after school had commenced, the students celebrated their fathers. On the occasion of Father's Day, the children performed songs, poems and plays they had rehearsed themselves. The mothers were of course honoured on Mother's Day and received presents, were serenaded and presented with poems. The festivities for the 177 pupils knew no bounds when Lempira Day was celebrated on 20 June. On this special day, the children dressed up as Lempira, the Honduran national hero who fought against the Spanish troops in the 16th century.

Parents and teachers as role models and pillars of strength
To further strengthen the collaboration with the parents, periodic parents meetings were held, at which important issues regarding the school were discussed. In addition, numerous recreational activities were
organised with the parents, to actively integrate them into everyday school life. There were also some changes in the teaching staff, as Escuela Lyoness welcomed three new teachers.