Projeto Textil, Brazil

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On the way to being professional dressmaker

In the sewing course, this months’ focus was on straight and curved seams. The students could choose on which piece of cloth they wanted to work on. As all of them have small children at home, they picked for small shorts, as they could take them home for their kids.

Alexandra and Jeane were especially motivated this month and showed a lot of interest and dedication.

Start of the English classes

Not only is it important to master the handcraft, but also to be able to sell the products. As the projects is selling to tourists, it is indispensable to speak English. Therefore, we are happy that 10 motivated students, 5 from the project und 5 from the community, are joining the English class.

For a start, a brainstorming was on the agenda to collect all the knowledge the group had, as everyone was on a different level. In the end everybody benefited from previous knowledge of the others.

4 new students in the sewing course

After the last course ended in January, the project was happy to welcome 4 new students who want to become professional dressmaker.

After interviews in January about their motivation, as well as their expectations and experience in that field, Clesiane, Alexandra, Jeane and Nilma got accepted to start the training.

They were all looking forward to starting the sewing course. Unfortunately, Clesiane got ill at the beginning of February and missed two days of classes but she could catch up quickly.