Pandemic delays build start


In February 2020 it looked like we’d be able to kick off building works for our new school project in March, April at the latest but the pandemic which holds the world in its thrall had something to say about that. We had planned a project visit in April, but just as we were laying the foundations and just a week before the planned departure of our project team, all works ground to a halt. Since then the region has been plagued by panic mongerers and due to the strict restrictions on movement which have brought life to a grinding halt it is currently in no way possible to start building anything.

The current situation is extraordinary as, on the one hand, we’d like to build the school as quickly as possible, however on the other hand we need all the financial resources we have to ensure the survival of the people in the community where the school would have been built. Unemployment and fierce restrictions have reduced the household income of many people in the area or has reduced it to below that of the minimum household income which is why many people are ow asking for extra help. Please help us to provide these people with the basics because now it is bout much more than education. It’s about sheer survival.