Have you already made some New Year’s resolutions?

How about helping others? Give education.

Have you already written your list of New Year's resolutions or are you still having a think about what you'd like to change in the New Year? Does your New Year's resolution have to present you with a real challenge – something that you always wanted to do but you're sure will be hard to keep?

Then we have a suggestion for you: What about becoming a better person in the New Year? Does that sound like a serious challenge for you?

New Year's resolutions are allowed to be easy. 

Thinking of others and doing something for a good cause is not as hard as you think – because we're going to help you!

In keeping with the motto “Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it”, you'll not only bring a smile to the faces of those in need but also to your own. Nothing feels as good as the feeling that you're making others happy.  New Year's resolutions can be so easy!

Make education possible for children in disadvantaged regions and donate!