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With your earmarked donation, you are able to ensure that specific campaigns and projects are put in motion. 


Alongside a general donation, you also have the option of supporting specific campaigns and projects. Your contribution will help precisely those people for whom we initiated the project.


How does this differ from a general donation?

When you make a generalist donation, this money will go towards the projects where it is most needed to ensure that we achieve sustainable success with our work.  There are, however, other campaigns for which we collect targeted donations. 


Help us to make these projects and campaigns a reality and make sure that others have a better chance in life too.


Tip: In Austria, your donation is tax- deductible.

Fundraising activities

Flight Days 2019

Togehter we want to give disadvantaged children and teenagers a day full of joy and let the dream of flight come true! Supoprt the project to let this dream come true!

Products for the good purpose

Success may be shared!

Mario Oreggia, one of the most successful network marketers, reveals his secret recipe for succeeding in the networking industry in his book.

At the same time, he shares his success story with us: through the sales of this book he supports our projects.

The power of dreams

The Wishbox ensures that your dreams do not disappear into oblivion and that disadvantaged children's dreams come true - and all that at the same time.  10% of all sales profits go towards our projects. 

Take a journey back in time - ensure a better future!

A Milan sightseeing tour through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci. 20% of all Cashback World ticket sales are donated to our projects.

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