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Tireless in Project Management

My name: Alejandro

My function at the CFF: Project management

I find other cultures interesting because ... I am a globetrotter. Other ways of life inspire me and grant me with new input for my own lifestyle.

Why I enjoy working at the CFF: Because I get to be a mediator between people who are in need and people who wish to help.

As a child I wanted to be a:
Accountant or tennis star

My biggest dream as a child was to ... live in a cabin in the Alps.

What I miss most about no longer being a child: Back then, there was hardly any traffic in the streets and they were the meeting point for all children from the surrounding residential area. We could move around and play freely.

My absolute hero is ... Batman.

My favourite dish is ... creamed corn and steak.

Which languages do I speak? Spanish (mother tongue), German, English, Italian and Portuguese

My favourite animal is ... the hamster.

I have lived in: Mexico, my home country, as well as Argentina, the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany and I am currently residing in Austria.

My favourite day is ... Monday. One is still full of energy and the rest of the week still lies ahead.

My vision (for the world, etc.): That we humans become more content with what we have.