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Things are on the move at the Child & Family Foundation

Can you find all CFF team members on the photo? Is someone perhaps missing? Or are there some familiar faces which you have not seen in a long time?

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said "The only constant in life is change", and this also holds true for the CFF team. You will therefore unfortunately not find Han-I on our picture, as she has a new project which although still involves kids now also includes night shifts. After five years with the CFF, Han-I will be spending the next months at home with her little one. We are already really looking forward to having her back in the office.

Luckily, Anne has joined our team order to fill the gap and to allow the CFF projects to continue as they were. She will be in good and "old hands" when working with Stefan, who will be teaching her the ropes regarding successful implementation of our educational projects.
One face may already seem familiar. And believe us when we say that this is not a trap. Alejandro has unfortunately not been a part of our team for the last two years. Thus we are even more pleased that he has once again been supporting us since July and is putting his perfect Spanish to good use when taking care of our partners in Honduras.

If you thought that the picture which includes Nina, our active chairman, comprised all current team members which are therefore four, then you are sadly mistaken. Nina, the heart and soul of our team, who has often done the work of two people has recently also been eating, drinking and sleeping for two, as another team baby will soon be seeing the light of day at the end of September.

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