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The good samaritan of the CFF

My name: Nina Passegger

My function at the CFF: Director of the Foundation

I find other cultures interesting because ... the diversity of people, their customs as well as their lifestyles are of great interest to me.

Why I enjoy working at the CFF: I think it's brilliant to have the opportunity to help others and to support those who are less fortunate.

My charitable commitments outside of my job include: I have been helping out in the field of asylum work and have looked after families that come from a migrant background. Furthermore, I have initiated individual private aid campaigns for my fellow people in need.

My nickname growing up was ... Ninja.

As a child I wanted to be a: Ballerina

My favourite subject in school was ... business administration.

I would love to be a child again, because ... as a child one goes through life without any prejudice, enjoys every minute and has no cares. One is simply carefree and happy.

I myself have ... children. two

My favourite dish is ... of course, Wiener Schnitzel.

I love travelling to: Honduras, I am in love with the country, the landscape, the diversity as well as the people and their disposition.

If I could be any animal, I would be ... a dolphin.

What I cannot stand: Injustice.

I can laugh about: I can often laugh at myself.

If I had three wishes I would ... wish that my family would stay healthy and happy for ever, that we can support many more people with the CFF and
that there is a greater justice in the world.

A great day for me is when ... at the end of the day I know that I have given my all.