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Swimming made easy!

Not every child is privileged enough to learn to swim. Most legal guardians do not have the time of the financial means to send their children to swimming lessons. Studies in Germany have shown that approx. 60 % of 6-10 year olds are no longer strong swimmers.  Swimming lessons are often neglected from the state school timetable. Cuts or being too far away from the next available swimming pool are often the most common reasons for this.

The children's home 'Pauline' has made it its goal that every child in its care should become a strong swimmer and properly prepared for trips and sport's days.

We were able to make this dream a reality for 20 children and organise a swimming course at the local swimming pool in Siegburg. They were really keen to learn how to swim. Some children were even able to win a sea horse badge. Two children were so motivated by their success that they managed to complete the bronzw course successfully within a very short time. When they receive their bronze badge, the children are allowed to go swimming on their own.

Since then, many in the children's home have been saying how much fun the swimming course was. More and more children are becoming confident in the water and would like to learn to swim. What the children will be motivated to do one knows but we will keep you posted - perhaps a new swimming star will soon be born...

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