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"Angel for a Day" in Lithuania – Support for the start of the school year and a day of joy for more than 50 children in need

In 2014 the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association together with Lyoness Lithuania, Members and Loyalty Merchants supported more than 25 children in need from families who live on the breadline from the Radviliškis area.

Most of the children come from large families, which are supported through government institutions. Unfortunately, this support doesn't stretch to school materials for the start of a new school year, or for suitable activities for children during their leisure time.

To this end, a year ago Asta Šapkuvienė, the Manager of our Loyalty Merchant "3Steps", initiated an Angel for a Day event for these children. The same was planned for the children again this year, as well as for more children in need from the "Give a Hand" Day Care Centre and "Association Large Family" organisation in order to equip them all with school starter kits.

The Angel for a Day event took place on the 29th of August. The children were collected from Radviliskis first thing in the morning and took a train ride to Siauliai. For many of the children, this was the first time they had ever been on a train and they loved it! There were lots of Volunteers for the event and they took the children Go-Carting near the train station, where the children learned about Go-Carting from Go-Carting star Domas. When the introduction was over, the children were able to race around the track and the joy was written all over their faces! This was something completely different for the children and they could forget all their troubles as they raced around the track.

After a couple of hours Go-Carting, they travelled back to Radviliskis to enjoy a meal together, where the children talked excitedly about how much fun they had had. With full bellies and energy levels topped up, they moved on to the "Young Culture Space", which is a place set up by the Community for Teens. Here our Loyalty Merchant "Rokvija" had prepared a balloon workshop for the children. Each child eagerly created his favourite animal out of balloons. They then had a bubble contest and the children ran wild, loving every minute! To end the day, the children received gifts, and at least one gift was something they had asked for. The children were ecstatic! We would like to say a special thank you to all the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and Volunteers who not only helped to give the children a fantastic day, but also provided the gifts that the children had asked for. The children were then given another surprise when they received school starter kits, and the Volunteers were visibly moved by the children's delight. This day will stay in everyone's memories for a very long time.

As part of the "Angel for a Day" event a further 25 children in need from other organisations were also provided with much-needed school material.

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