The biggest fundraiser in the world!

Our business model has allowed us to set up the Black Diamond Team. A bunch of people who couldn't be more different, but are all working towards one and the same goal!


Let's create the world's biggest fundraising campaign!

If we have lots of people in our team who can build successful businesses and earn plenty of money doing it, then it stands to reason that there's lots of other people who also share this vision. Our goal is to make the world just that little bit better in lots of different ways.


A lot of the projects we support have moving and sometimes personal stories in connection with them, particularly the first few ones we got involved in. Each and every person has a different answer to "Why do you support this particular charity?". For some, it's animals, for others, its socially disadvantaged children and perhaps some people feel strongly about older people or freeing the world from plastic.


BlackDiamond is open to all kinds of projects!


We still have a long way to go, but we've already taken the first few steps. Thanks to our business model, we are always able to find donations for new projects.


"It seems impossible until it's done"
Nelson Mandela

CFF Black Diamond Cooperation
CFF Black Diamond Cooperation
CFF Black Diamond Cooperation

Mit dieser Spendenaktion wollen die CFF gemeinsam mit dem Black Diamond Team zwei Schulen in Tansania unterstützen, die Shimbwe Chini Primary School und Sia Shimbwe Primary Schools. Untenstehend wären die zwei Links zu den Schulseiten auf der CFF Webseite:


* Abhängig von Spendensummer und je nach Bedarf, behält sich die CFF das Recht vor, auch andere Projekte zu unterstützen.


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