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Ambassador for the Child & Family Foundation

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Christoph Strasser: ambassador and two times winner of the Race Across America (RAAM)

During the longest bicycle race in the world, the Race Across America, Christoph Strasser and his team not only communicate the philosophy of the shopping community “Together we are strong” to the world, but also the charity spirit of the Child & Family Foundation.

Christoph Strasser has already supported the  Child & Family Foundation as an ambassador for the past 4 years. The Foundations goals are to help those who need it the most, according to their guidelines “Education. Opporunities. Future.”.

The support for the  Child & Family Foundation is another motivation for Christoph Strasser. He sees another goal in his athletic achievements, which is to support people in need and promote the work of the Child & Family Foundation.

The director of the Foundation, Nina Passegger, explains why her organization collaborates with the extreme athlete: “When I first heard of the race I was impressed. There is this person that goes to the absolute limit of his physical capabilities, who wants to achieve the impossible and believes in himself. When I met Christoph Strasser my first guess proved to be correct: He is a fighter. He knows what he stands up for. We are all very proud to have him as an ambassador for our  Child & Family Foundation. Our visions connect for a very important issue!”

Christoph Strasser and the RAAM since 2011

RAAM 2011 – A newcomer wins the Race Across America

In 2011 Christoph Strasser took part in the Race Across America for the first time and straightaway won the possibly hardest bicycle race in the world being the youngest winner in the history of the race. Christoph’s biggest motivation was to show that not only older and more experienced athletes can be successful in long distance cycling, but also young and motivated cyclists. He was able to proof this point with an exceptional victory.

RAAM 2012: Christoph Strasser “Going to the Limit”

Having been defending champion in 2012 he once again showed a great performance and finished the race in Annapolis in second place with an unbelievable time of 8 days, 9 hours and 34 minutes. This year the winner of 2011 had to face many obstacles during the almost 5000 kilometers.

RAAM 2013: a historical record

The Austrian extreme cyclist Christoph Strasser wins the Race Across America in a record breaking 7 days, 22 hours and 52 minutes.

Christoph Strasser is the first athlete in the history of the Race Across America who was able to cover the 4,860 kilometers in less than 8 days. He reached the finish line in Annapolis 11 hours earlier than in 2011. Even though the race seemed to run smoothly Christoph once again had to fight extreme heat, storms and heavy rains. His physical performance was incredible, his mental strength and willpower were so even more!

RAAM 2014: Mission Title Defence accomplished!

Christoph Strasser, ambassador of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation has done it again. On his fifth time starting for the Race Across America he won for the third time. With that he broke his own record time from last year by far and once again undercut the magical 8-day-mark. He finished the race within an unbelievable time of 7 days, 15 hours and 56 Minutes. He also measured up to the level of fellow Styrian and extreme cyclist Wolfgang Fasching who has also won the Race Across America three times. He shows his respect: “Christoph has reached a new dimension, I take off my head in view of his performance!”