5895 meters altitude for the CFF!

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Social Commitment - The 53 year old Cyrus Mistry, climbed Kilimanjaro in aid of the Child & Family Foundation! 

Do something good and push your limits – that’s what Cyrus Mistry thought when he had the idea to climb the highest mountain in Africa, namely Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He collected donations in aid of the CFF projects. Lyoness was so impressed with this project that it also made a donation for every metre! 

It started with a crazy idea – to climb the highest mountain in Africa! Cyrus wouldn’t be dissuaded, and decided that he could link this project with a good cause. He therefore started collecting donations. He paid for the trip out of his own pocket – all the donations were purely for the good cause! In the middle of October 2012, Mistry flew to Tanzania, and he and a team of nine made their way to the top of Kilimanjaro. Of course, they also took Lyco, the CFF mascot, which you can see on the photos. Whilst climbing, the Team enjoyed amazing views and great hospitality, as well as facing obstacles such as drastic climate changes. However, neither sleep deprivation due to lack of oxygen, or the seven (!) layers of clothing could stop Cyrus from achieving his goal. 

On the 25th of October, the Team finally reached Uhuru, the highest point of Africa, giving them a sense of relief, as well as dizziness, but Cyrus didn’t forget to plant the CFF flag. The delight at this achievement was unbelievable! Together with his fantastic Team made up of luggage carriers, a cook and the experienced mountain climber and Leader Saumu, who has already climbed Kilimanjaro over 100 times (!), Cyrus finally began the journey back down in a state of euphoria. The Lyoness Group was so impressed with this commitment that it also decided to donate one Euro for every metre for this unique charity event.

The CFF is thrilled with this commitment and gives its heartfelt thanks!

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