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Walking the border lands in Autumn

55 children and teenagers began a week-long hike along the German border with their teachers on 20th October 2018.
Their goal was to hike borders steeped in history, to challenge one's own boundaries, but also to developed boundless strength.

Walking is a great way of giving the children, who have had crossed so many metaphorical borders in their past, the opportunity to enjoy life to the full and let off steam whilst exercising. Walking frees the mind and the spirit and helps people to concentrate on what is really important.

The walk started in Tettau in Bavaria. The untiring walkers reached their goal, Ummerstadt in Thüringen, after a week, having walked 105 km in total. Unforgettable impressions, the illustration of historical events and the chance to meet real-life witnesses: all these things will remind the children and teenagers of a lovely week's holiday, spent being active in the great outdoors.