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Taking part is what matters!

There are many ways to help those in need. One example is to make people aware of the needs of others and point out opportunities for offering support.

The football team at the new secondary school in Mooskirchen took this to heart when they gave their all on the field while wearing the Child & Family Foundation football kits. Unfortunately, the young footballers were defeated in the regional school league's final round.

But as we always say: Taking part is what matters! The same goes for us, as the Child & Family Foundation was present at every game on behalf of the team's football kits. Even though they didn't win the match they were our very own champions for raising awareness for our great cause on the field, for the more donations we get, the more children in need we can support.

For example, we were recently able to provide the children at the Holy Trinity School in Nigeria with new sportswear and the successful team at the Escuela Lyoness in Honduras received new football kits.

We wish to thank the entire football team for their incredible commitment!