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October 16th is World Food Day.

The world food day honours the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in 1945. The goal was to eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Moreover, they strive for natural resources to be managed sustainably for future generations. Each year the day is dedicated to a certain theme, this year’s topic is: Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.

Hunger and malnutrition
795 million people go to bed hungry every night, every ninth person does not get the nutritious food they need to survive and thrive. Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger and malnutrition.

The major part (about 98%) of people that are suffering from hunger live in developing countries. Whereof two thirds can be found in Asia and the Pacific region and another third in Africa. (Quelle: State of Food Insecurity in the World, FAO 2015)

Malnutrition has a huge impact on the individual’s health. It leads to retarded growth, a higher risk of infections and affects the development of the brain which means no future and a life in poverty or death.

We are helping 110 children to grow
The Child and Family Foundation supports the San Roque Elementary School where 110 out of the 450 students suffer from malnutrition. To help those children grow, we launched a Health & Nutrition programme, to improve the kids’ nutritional status. They not only receive a warm meal at school but also learn about a healthy nutrition and how to grow their own food: in cooperation with the Greenfinity Foundation we provided an organic garden where the pupils and the community plant, cultivate and harvest fruit, vegetables such as pineapples, papayas, okras, salad, spinach, bananas, tomatoes, beans and many more.

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State of Food Insecurity in the World, FAO 2015