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Italy II - Free Access to Art and Education

The "Free Entry" project by the "Fondazione di Comunità San Gennaro ONLUS" organisation offers disadvantaged and socially disadvantaged children and adolescents free access to art and education. Lyoness Italy and the CFF are supporting the project.

The Fondazione di Comunità San Gennaro ONLUS organisation has set a goal to support the economically disadvantaged regions around Nepal and Sanità. Areas such as education, free access to culture, supporting the adolescents to find work, street work and the safety of the citizens are the top priorities. With the help of Lyoness Italy and the CFF, the organisation has now been able to implement the "Free Entry" project. The project will particularly help physically and mentally disadvantaged and socially disadvantaged children and adolescents to gain access to the Basilica del Buon Consiglio (the Basilica) and it's centuries-old catacombs.

Modern Workshops in a Historical Atmosphere

3 rooms in the Catacombs will also be kitted out as educational labs in which children and adolescents will be able to attend art and education workshops from Spring 2017. The labs will consist of a music room, a pottery and ceramics room and a special multi-media therapy room for photo and video projects. As well as giving the children access to art and educational activities, it will also give them the opportunity to experience music, crafts and IT in a specially-adapted environment where they can improve their skills.
The labs will also be set up to identify and tackle any problem areas that the target-group may have. Art as a non-verbal way of expressing yourself, IT to relax and relieve aggression, support to enable the kids to become independent and improve their motor skills; these are just a few of the benefits of the art and education programme which will soon be available to the beneficiaries thanks to the "Free Entry" project.

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